Vladmir Putin: The Modern Joseph Stalin

As the Soviet civil war closes to an end, the communists clear victors, Vladimir Lenin begins unification and recovery. This rare time of reform is cut to an end by Lenin’s sudden death in 1924. His successor, a young Georgian communist officer, born in the west Russian Empire, Joseph Stalin. For decades to come, Stalin would build a reputation only less notorious than Adolf Hitler himself. Stalin would abandon the teachings of Lenin ruling with an iron fist, Joseph became closely connected to his intelligence agencies, ordering assassinations of political opponents and protestors daily. He sparked the Russian industrial revolution, communist-socialism, defending his motherland and successfully ending the war front in Berlin. Domestically Stalin waged genocide within his nation, having year long purges, disposing of anyone deemed ‘an enemy to the state’. As of today a new dictator is starting to build effective momentum to igniting a international armed conflict, Vladimir Putin.

As of this weekend, Putin’s main opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, who was set to march in a protest criticizing the controlling party, was shot in the head in the middle of Moscow, about three blocks from the heavily monitored capital building. All signs point to the former KGB operative president, but state media reports this is most likely the work of Nemtsov’s own political party to weaken the support of their nearly soviet government. In Russia, similar to the United States, the President is allowed two consecutive terms. Unlike America, Russia has a multiparty parliament as well as a prime minister. This is Putin third term, in his second political party, and the only break between his terms is when him and the prime minister switch titles. Due to Boris Yeltsin, Russian President during Bill Clinton’s administration had dealt with a coup attempt and tried to dissolve his parliament. This lead to short armed conflict which ended when military commanders pledged allegiance to Yeltsin, then destroyed their own congress building with tanks via his orders. Now as a result the Russian President, whom Yeltsin appointed in final departure has complete control over his entire military. This helps explain events such as putting down uprisings, assassinations, and occupation of neighbors in the recent decade.

It appears that Vladimir Putin will maintain a dictatorship style control for the foreseeable future. His blatant loopholes in Russian politics meets little resistance, and no political opposition can make it to the election race in time with his life. Fresh western sanctions targeting Putin and the other about twenty families that control most all of the private enterprise have lead to more abuses in control of recent months. The ongoing Ukrainian military conflict will serve as a huge hint into the future welfare of Eastern European leadership and Russia’s global stand point. Similar to the event we witnessed in the division of Germany in the 1980’s, Russia wishes to remain the only superpower besides the United State. As the West pushes towards a more equal ground between the power and wealth of developed countries.

Word Count: 499

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Vladmir Putin: The Modern Joseph Stalin

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