Land Grab in Yemen Underway!.hav

Within the Middle East, Yemen, a developing country south of Saudi Arabia, the capital city has been overthrown. The current president has believed to have fled the nation, parliament is under militant control, and the government’s authority has been declared invalid. Previously the two nations of North Yemen and South Yemen until reunification in 1990. The nation differs from their Arab colleagues in some major ways. Most of Yemen is a entirely unique, separate sect of Islam. Most Middle East countries fought domestically due  to religious disagreements, but much like the majority of the world Yemen fights about which form of government to operate and political ideology to influence infrastructure. As two separate states, they were socialist and Marxist respectively. Since the mid 1960’s they have been plagued with vibrant corruption and multiple reoccurring civil wars or conflicts. It appears the worst civil war yet is about to launch spontaneously acts of violence. The current emergency government controls roughly two thirds of the east of the territory, recently having to relocate the capital which is now also contested. The Militant group, Houthis controls a majority of the West, fighting: Government forces (Hadi), Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, as well as opposition domestic militant group, Al-Islah.

The international community looks on intensely as the situation can lead to various larger scale conflicts. Houthis’ main allies Hezbollah, Iran, and Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria fund the organization. A possible scenario is that Iranian backed forces fighting US backed Saudi forces in a neutral country can ruin recent diplomatic work to reestablish relations. NATO and UN are highly concerned because the new civil war marks three stable nations surrounded completely by disputed governments. Revolutions and unintended targets could easily spill into states with no interests in the battles. Not to mention neighboring civil wars could merge creating a regional conflict surely to draw international armed responses. A probable variation is that Houthis has to many capable enemies and can be suppressed or overpowered with a little joint effort. Of course in the event of their association being exterminated another rebel group waits to wreck havoc in the name of their political or maybe religious cause. It will be interesting how the event develops , as of this morning Houthis spokesperson stated they would be open to third party negotiations to end Saudi Arabian airstrikes. Obviously the American government will take no immediate action, leaving their ally to contain rebel influence among it’s neighbors.

Word Count: 407

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Land Grab in Yemen Underway!.hav

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