Why are Younger Generations Leaving Religion?

As my generation grows, less of us experience religion, much less believe in such things. I’ve always wondered how can faith that is passed on along entire lineages be losing supporters at such as rapid rate? What provokes the idea that religion is a completely evil entity? Instead of picking apart the logic in stories written thousands of years ago we should be glamourizing the lessons provided by the stipulations of the characters. The main theme in most biblical stories is someone who is demoralized, broken, or beaten down is given increasingly difficult tasks to overcome, testing their personal will. I often contemplate the options of someone living in the early founding of this nation, people moving out west in the mid 1800’s, and our grandparents that lived through the great depression as well as the dust bowl. Each underwent incredible suffering that we couldn’t begin to understand. These people had NOTHING, and worked extremely hard to maintain nearly nothing, with it all ending and having no legacy or wealth just remembered hardship. What most people were able to have was a bible, a book proposing a singe overall belief: there is a proper way to live your life in which you could be rewarded, and if you don’t follow these guidelines there is a possibility of consequences. This was so prevalent because it is easy for a desperate person to steal, kill, and sin to be in a more beneficial position among society. What is true pain is that you are knowingly struggling for the only outcomes of living and being a good person, neither of which will bring you food, housing, clothes, or income. What struggles does my generation in America go through? all man made fictitious goals to one day hope of achieving a piece of paper stating you aren’t an idiot to then begin working so we won’t go without cellphones and hamburgers for more then a day. The fact of the matter is me and my generation can’t comprehend shit about suffering with no choices out. Why do you need faith in a god to give you hope when everything is virtually provided for us? That’s what faith does, give you hope. Hope can be a useful commodity in places with you feeling like you are about to break before the challenges have even started. Hope is considered pointless when you are living the best quality of life for the general public in all of human history. Its saddening to realize with this continuing trend many will live years without faith in something, and when eventually faced with overwhelming adversity, a lot of people won’t know how to cope. Many will fail because they couldn’t believe in themselves enough.

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What is your stance of new religious approaches of the nation’s youth??

Why are Younger Generations Leaving Religion?

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