Class Assessment

My class was at NCTC Corinth, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00am. This was my first semester of college, certainly a lot different then high school. I learned some important aspects of how I should be living my life. I think I am finally seeing the entire point of college as catalyst to proper adulthood. As if it is a warning of suggested advice to better yourself. Some things I learned was that, just like being employed, instructions given by the professor are to be followed with extreme accuracy. I learned it is much better to fail while executing a plan, then to succeed through luck. As far as this class goes, it was very interesting, I personally never cared for the subject. It was a really fascinating approach to the class, giving so much say to the students for an English class. I am not entirely sure if that’s the average atmosphere of college and I’m just inexpericened. Compared to my English courses in high school it was easily a thousand times better. It is difficult to have motivation to write especially since I have not had very many life milestones and I’m almost certain my opinions or ideology will vary as I get older. But just having the opportunity to even rewrite subjects I learn weekly ignites a passion for writing in general. I notice myself constantly trying to upgrade the vocabulary I use vocally and on paper. My grade should have been higher through my personal effort, I can say I deserve the grade I received. But who wouldn’t accept the grade they ended with? I never thought I would end with this grade and I’m thankful for it. I missed far to many days, in my defense, I missed about as many as my professor. I only read about half of the readings assigned to me. In fairness, I completed all of the blogs, but I should not be rewarding myself for doing what is expected. My class participation was decent, I tried to contribute points that were not immediately addressed. If I had to defend the grade I currently have, I would say, I learned values that I can apply to my life. Isn’t that the point of me going to college? aside from the physical degree of course. I did not want to attend college, I was working a skilled labor job making enough money to support myself. Not to mention, I barely passed high school, ending in the last quarter of my class. So for my first college class I would say a high B isn’t to bad. I plan on continuing my education at University of Michigan, Dearborn campus. I would like to thank you for your time and effort, I imagine teaching as a mix of disappointment and some degree of fulfillment, a difficult career nonetheless. I appreciate you being my first course of higher education, and one of the classes that provoked my inspiration to learn as much as I can. I hope my writings weren’t too painful to read. I will always remember you as my first actual professor.

Word Count: 518

Class Assessment

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