Class Assessment

My class was at NCTC Corinth, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00am. This was my first semester of college, certainly a lot different then high school. I learned some important aspects of how I should be living my life. I think I am finally seeing the entire point of college as catalyst to proper adulthood. As if it is a warning of suggested advice to better yourself. Some things I learned was that, just like being employed, instructions given by the professor are to be followed with extreme accuracy. I learned it is much better to fail while executing a plan, then to succeed through luck. As far as this class goes, it was very interesting, I personally never cared for the subject. It was a really fascinating approach to the class, giving so much say to the students for an English class. I am not entirely sure if that’s the average atmosphere of college and I’m just inexpericened. Compared to my English courses in high school it was easily a thousand times better. It is difficult to have motivation to write especially since I have not had very many life milestones and I’m almost certain my opinions or ideology will vary as I get older. But just having the opportunity to even rewrite subjects I learn weekly ignites a passion for writing in general. I notice myself constantly trying to upgrade the vocabulary I use vocally and on paper. My grade should have been higher through my personal effort, I can say I deserve the grade I received. But who wouldn’t accept the grade they ended with? I never thought I would end with this grade and I’m thankful for it. I missed far to many days, in my defense, I missed about as many as my professor. I only read about half of the readings assigned to me. In fairness, I completed all of the blogs, but I should not be rewarding myself for doing what is expected. My class participation was decent, I tried to contribute points that were not immediately addressed. If I had to defend the grade I currently have, I would say, I learned values that I can apply to my life. Isn’t that the point of me going to college? aside from the physical degree of course. I did not want to attend college, I was working a skilled labor job making enough money to support myself. Not to mention, I barely passed high school, ending in the last quarter of my class. So for my first college class I would say a high B isn’t to bad. I plan on continuing my education at University of Michigan, Dearborn campus. I would like to thank you for your time and effort, I imagine teaching as a mix of disappointment and some degree of fulfillment, a difficult career nonetheless. I appreciate you being my first course of higher education, and one of the classes that provoked my inspiration to learn as much as I can. I hope my writings weren’t too painful to read. I will always remember you as my first actual professor.

Word Count: 518

Class Assessment

The Late Story of Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess, was the Deputy Furhrer within Nazi Germany. He was third in line to become leader before Hitler and Hermann Goring. He served from 1933 to 1941, considered the closest ally to Hitler, serving among his political party since World War I. In May of 1941, Hess was recovered from his solo aircraft in Scotland, claiming he came to negotiate peace on behalf of Adolf Hitler. This was extremely odd because German high command had a direct telegraph line to England, no Nazi officer ever claimed knowledge of Hess’ mission even after the war. He was obviously taken as a prisoner of war. Rudolf Hess was questioned by English intelligence for four years, he never showed any evidence of knowing who he was although remembering Hitler. At the end of the War, Hess was summoned to the Nuremburg Trials and turned over to the US Army for additional questioning. Army psychologists showed Hess videos of him making opening speeches for Hitler and signing bills into law publicly. He claimed he was completely unaware of his rank. Although Hess was shown pictures of his wife and child and even met with his former secretaries. It was becoming increasing evident he might have actually forgotten his own life’s significance. Proving he was aware of his political actions would help the allies immensely, letting a high ranking Nazi official go could spark rebellions. However convicting a man who doesn’t remember his life would question the legitimacy of trials. It would also be difficult to persecute Hess seeing how he was prisoner for a majority of the war. Hess was notified he would most likely he would be set free that afternoon. When called to the stand for official release, Rudolf exclaimed that he was faking the entire time and that he should be tried to he full extent of the law. The leading US Army psychologist examining Hess stated years later, “I was convinced he was faking the whole time until he was going to be released and told the judge panel he should be convicted, I realized this man was legitimately insane”. For the reminder of the trial Hess provided no new information and very little insight. He seemed extremely disinterested, often times reading a book or engaging in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Rudolf would grab his head or stomach in pain and would frequently yell at his fellow defendants that they were betraying the Third Reich interrupting the court proceedings. On one occasion Hess asked Goring if he was excited to lead Germany when they returned. Ultimately Rudolf Hess was sentenced to life in prison for crimes against peace where he later died. Psychologists examining his case file decades after the war believe he was a schizophrenic, no one ever determined if Hess was mentally insane and if he or any human being could consistently lie about not remembering their life for almost 6 years.

Word Count: 480

just thought it was an interesting story.

The Late Story of Rudolf Hess

The Value of Kindness

We all realize that kindness is a good trait that can yield pretty positive results. Often times we associate kindness to being involved in good times and personable social surroundings. Where and when is it appropriate to show kindness? What could benefit from kindness to even people who have immense hatred for you? How far can it truly take you? Taking a look back on World War II: 1942, easily the strongest military and industrial power in western Europe is Nazi Germany. Within their ranks, their airborne warfare division, the Luftwaffe, the Nazi counterpart to America’s air force, heads intelligence gathering only under the SS themselves. A low level airman, not even a rank of an officer, is considered the “master of interrogation” among all of the German armed forces. He is tasked to interrogate all captured US pilots and any allied POW thought to be carrying sensitive information. Post war, when hired by the US Army, his techniques and ideologies shaped military interrogation schools for generations. The interesting part was, Hanns-Joahchim Gottlob Scharff, is not known in any instance, using physical means or force to obtain information. He believed, firmly, with kindness anything can be obtained vocally. His method involved a brief period of isolation, being the only person talking to a prisoner in a friendly matter to make the subject feel a sense of alliance with Scharff. He was known to have taken individual POWs out of the camp and eat with them, always conversing, listening for any intel. Beforehand, Hanns would gather as much known information of a situation and the subject as possible assuming parts to build a story of the events. He would tell the captured the story of events as if he already knew exactly what happened and just needed some sort of confirmation. This would give soldiers under intense stress the idea that any information they are withholding is already common knowledge to the enemy giving them the immediate feeling that they are disposable. He noted when telling his account of the story prisoners would often correct him as a means to give the impression they are more valuable of a hostage then what is perceived. In reality, all the prisoner would do is confirm that Hanns’ made up story is true including details he would not have otherwise had any knowledge of. He had a nearly 90% success rate and was the first to openly utilize a technique that was not complete torture. His teachings are the backbone to tactics commonly used by our police and military today. He received a immigration status and moved to California to pursue his art career and ambitions where he died in 1992. He established actual friendships with many of the former POWs he once interrogated.

Word Count: 457

The Value of Kindness

Power to Travel Among the Stars?

For decades before the mid 1900’s we were told that existent on the planet earth was a rare phenomenon, highly unlikely chances our situation could be replicated again in the universe. The belief we were the sole form of intelligent life in the entire void of space. This common ideology was challenged by the American public especially after the Roswell Incident in 1947, which was commonly debated as advanced interstellar technology crashing near a joint military base. The justification was not made until 1990 that the military was testing ways to measure nuclear power by the sound waves Soviet bombs provided, all disguised as a weather balloon. Despite literally hundreds of similar accounts from local civilians and military personnel claiming the object bent their entire understandings of reality and had a strong possibility of extra-terrestrial technology. Months following the Roswell Incident the CIA took authority of Area 51. The CIA finally admitted the existence of Area 51, in 2013 citing they were testing Lockheed developmental aircrafts and stolen foreign equipment for reverse engineering. Many claim that alien technology is shaping our modern weapons and with the information recovered from captured extraterrestrials. Interestingly, in 2006, Space historian, Dwayne A. Day admitted a memo was given to the CIA director in 1974 detailing astronauts had inadvertently photographed the region and were strictly prohibited from taking pictures of Area 51 and surrounding Groom Lake. This was the first and only known order limiting astronaut’s viewing capabilities. There is no declassified proof that a aircraft not from our earth crashed in Roswell, it did however spark public attention to what the government would not tell us. Ever since this incident, any situation involving a UFO sighting where the military tries to logically explain it’s actions is harshly criticized as a cover up or conspiracy. Now with the belief that our galaxy alone can hold nearly 40 billion planets, among billions of only known other galaxies, most everyone agrees there is most certainly bound to be intelligent life somewhere else in space. With everyone at some basic understanding that life could be vast and we could a very low level life form due to other solar systems having far more ideal conditions for life then even our earth. My question is why does the government and military leadership still openly deny these speculations while in power?  When retired, who actually has come forward:

“I  happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real.” -Captain Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

“Of course UFOs are real, and they are interplanetary. The cumulative evidence for the existence of UFOs is quite overwhelming and I accept the fact of their existence.” -Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding, Commanding officer of the royal air force WWII.

“We already have means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of god to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you could possibly imagine we already know how to do. -Ben Rich, former Head of Lockheed Skunk Works

“The least improbable explanation is that these things[UFOS] are artificial and controlled.. My opinion for some time has been that they are of extraterrestrial origin.” -Dr.Maurice Biot, leading Aerodynamicist and Mathematical Physicist

“It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system.There is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar system.” -Dr.Hermann Oberth, “Father of Modern Rocketry.

“The phenomenon of UFOs is real. I know that there are scientific organizations which study the problem. It must be treated seriously.” -former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

“The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.” -General Douglas MacArthur, former Supreme Allied Commander WWII.

“In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are not alone!” -Charles J. Camarda (Ph.D.), NASA Astronaut

Power to Travel Among the Stars?

Why are Younger Generations Leaving Religion?

As my generation grows, less of us experience religion, much less believe in such things. I’ve always wondered how can faith that is passed on along entire lineages be losing supporters at such as rapid rate? What provokes the idea that religion is a completely evil entity? Instead of picking apart the logic in stories written thousands of years ago we should be glamourizing the lessons provided by the stipulations of the characters. The main theme in most biblical stories is someone who is demoralized, broken, or beaten down is given increasingly difficult tasks to overcome, testing their personal will. I often contemplate the options of someone living in the early founding of this nation, people moving out west in the mid 1800’s, and our grandparents that lived through the great depression as well as the dust bowl. Each underwent incredible suffering that we couldn’t begin to understand. These people had NOTHING, and worked extremely hard to maintain nearly nothing, with it all ending and having no legacy or wealth just remembered hardship. What most people were able to have was a bible, a book proposing a singe overall belief: there is a proper way to live your life in which you could be rewarded, and if you don’t follow these guidelines there is a possibility of consequences. This was so prevalent because it is easy for a desperate person to steal, kill, and sin to be in a more beneficial position among society. What is true pain is that you are knowingly struggling for the only outcomes of living and being a good person, neither of which will bring you food, housing, clothes, or income. What struggles does my generation in America go through? all man made fictitious goals to one day hope of achieving a piece of paper stating you aren’t an idiot to then begin working so we won’t go without cellphones and hamburgers for more then a day. The fact of the matter is me and my generation can’t comprehend shit about suffering with no choices out. Why do you need faith in a god to give you hope when everything is virtually provided for us? That’s what faith does, give you hope. Hope can be a useful commodity in places with you feeling like you are about to break before the challenges have even started. Hope is considered pointless when you are living the best quality of life for the general public in all of human history. Its saddening to realize with this continuing trend many will live years without faith in something, and when eventually faced with overwhelming adversity, a lot of people won’t know how to cope. Many will fail because they couldn’t believe in themselves enough.

Word Count: 454

What is your stance of new religious approaches of the nation’s youth??

Why are Younger Generations Leaving Religion?

(Poem) Vietnam the land of Rain

Make it rain, as we progress down, when times where rain is the only cheerful sound

Make it rain, make it pour, bound to heal all the souls of the sore, before they fall to the floors

Rain always to bring change, the only cure to harden all pain, please, please, make it rain

Eighteen taken from youth and put into a firing range, given a gun and made to sustain

Brought to foreign lands, told to fight for all that’s sane, it begins to rain as irony is proclaimed

Barely adults, can’t quite vote, assigned to survive, where stress will never let you go

First days land on the beach, march through jungles of rain, until you think your body is weak

This is only the start of a hurdle your people have elected you to take part

They have lives, while you are new, a blank slate, perfect to be abused, carry out violent orders extremely confused

Started with a full platoon, quickly losing most of the group, all that’s left is the youngest troops

As they march chanting: “make it rain, so we can’t fight no more”

A plan designed to waste the youth, colored, and poor. Left to die as leaders shut the doors.

Making it to Saigon, just in time for the real war, broken kids now experienced in only shock and horror

Fire fights and napalm is the norm, Agent Orange exposed to all living life forms

The sole signs of peace, is when it rains, bringing the misery to a sudden ease

No one on the ground remembers what they are fighting for, its turned to random killing with no more remorse

A lone soldier taken from his regiment, chosen by the enemy to undergo intense punishment

Just a boy barely in his twenties, about to suffer for being a pawn to his country

Tortured everyday, nails pull off, beaten body, lacerations across his face

Prays to make it rain, just to chill the sting of every ounce of pain

One day saved, never to be near the same, turned to a disturbed man, with a brain untamed

Back to the home states with all his dreams replaced with screams and his passion concealed by hate

Unable to rejoin society, lives homeless by the end of his odyssey, Rain is the only thing that calms life’s atrocities

Make it rain, as we progress down, when times where rain is the only cheerful sound

Make it rain, make it pour, bound to heal all the souls of the sore, before they fall to the floors.

A poem in thought of the Vietnam war, word count: 431

(Poem) Vietnam the land of Rain

Land Grab in Yemen Underway!.hav

Within the Middle East, Yemen, a developing country south of Saudi Arabia, the capital city has been overthrown. The current president has believed to have fled the nation, parliament is under militant control, and the government’s authority has been declared invalid. Previously the two nations of North Yemen and South Yemen until reunification in 1990. The nation differs from their Arab colleagues in some major ways. Most of Yemen is a entirely unique, separate sect of Islam. Most Middle East countries fought domestically due  to religious disagreements, but much like the majority of the world Yemen fights about which form of government to operate and political ideology to influence infrastructure. As two separate states, they were socialist and Marxist respectively. Since the mid 1960’s they have been plagued with vibrant corruption and multiple reoccurring civil wars or conflicts. It appears the worst civil war yet is about to launch spontaneously acts of violence. The current emergency government controls roughly two thirds of the east of the territory, recently having to relocate the capital which is now also contested. The Militant group, Houthis controls a majority of the West, fighting: Government forces (Hadi), Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, as well as opposition domestic militant group, Al-Islah.

The international community looks on intensely as the situation can lead to various larger scale conflicts. Houthis’ main allies Hezbollah, Iran, and Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria fund the organization. A possible scenario is that Iranian backed forces fighting US backed Saudi forces in a neutral country can ruin recent diplomatic work to reestablish relations. NATO and UN are highly concerned because the new civil war marks three stable nations surrounded completely by disputed governments. Revolutions and unintended targets could easily spill into states with no interests in the battles. Not to mention neighboring civil wars could merge creating a regional conflict surely to draw international armed responses. A probable variation is that Houthis has to many capable enemies and can be suppressed or overpowered with a little joint effort. Of course in the event of their association being exterminated another rebel group waits to wreck havoc in the name of their political or maybe religious cause. It will be interesting how the event develops , as of this morning Houthis spokesperson stated they would be open to third party negotiations to end Saudi Arabian airstrikes. Obviously the American government will take no immediate action, leaving their ally to contain rebel influence among it’s neighbors.

Word Count: 407

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Land Grab in Yemen Underway!.hav